Our Retail Merchandising Company Proves Every Day That The Difference Between Lackluster Brands and Brands That Resonate is Merchandising.

Make Innovative, Strategic, Revenue-Driven Decisions Backed By Data

Your Business’s Strategic Merchandising Plan is your action – packed and clearly-defined road map for how your brand or boutique will thrive, both passionately and profitably.  It is ever-evolving, just like the retail landscape.

Invite our Merchandising Consultants onto your team to create or enhance your strategic plan and empower you to make purposeful decisions with clarity.

DeAnna McIntosh, Chief Global Strategist at Merchandising Company, The Affinity Group International

Merchandising Should Be The Core Of Everything You Do As A Product-Based Business

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How To Get Started


Review Our Areas of Expertise

What do you need in order to launch or to move your business forward?  We offer business support on numerous Merchandising topics.

Within each topic are areas of expertise.  Prioritize which areas you want us to impact first to drive immediate results.

We will of course advise on this upon working with you and digging more into your business, but this will help you select a monthly plan.


Select Your Monthly Strategy Investment

We have 3 monthly plans to select from based on the number of areas of expertise you would like to focus on at a time or how quickly you want to implement these merchandising strategies to drive results.

If you are unsure which plan to choose, you can take the quiz on this page to find out!

You can also click here to schedule a complimentary call for guidance, or to have us create a custom strategy plan for you.


Strategy Implementation Begins

Upon hiring us, we will hold a phone or video consultation with you to get to know you and your business more intimately.

We will ask for reports, product information, images – any information needed to create a comprehensive plan.

We will then send you our strategy plan, created specifically for your business (not a generic template), and the login to your project portal which will house our tasks, deadlines, and milestones.

Have questions? We’re here. Click here to schedule a complimentary call.

Merchandise Buying & Planning

Merchandise Planning

Before you purchase merchandise or materials, you must have a financial plan and inventory strategy in place.  This involves establishing your sales and gross margin plan by year / month / week, for every item currently in your line and future items you want to bring in. Without this plan, you will not know how much inventory you need to purchase and sell to hit your goals, and will not be able to make revenue-driven decisions.

Product Sourcing

Finding the perfect products for your shop is not an easy feat.  We will help you source products that fit your target clientele’s desires, consult with you on negotiating terms with the vendors, make sure that you’re purchasing enough items to hit your sales plans. Every merchandise purchase you make should be based on your sales history and where the industry is trending.  We will even accompany you to the trade shows to help you navigate them and to help execute our strategic plan.

Product Attributing

A critical part of analyzing your sales is establishing attributes for your assortment: Style, Trends, Price bands, Design Details, Fabrics, Textures, Colors, Finishes, Sleeve Length, and the list continues.  The more attributes your products have, the deeper you can dig into their selling and the smarter your decisions become.  We will help you establish attributes for all of your past, current, and future products.

Assortment Optimization

We will work with you to ensure you have the right product mix to hit your sales goals, that your merchandise is priced right, and that your shop is optimized for sales.  For brands, that involves ensuring that you are developing updates to your best sellers, and chasing emerging trends.  For e-commerce stores, that involves ensuring that the taxonomy of the site allows for a seamless shopping experience.  For retailers, this involves ensuring your store is merchandised in a way that allows for ease of shopping.

Product Lifecycle Management

Trend and Design Advising

Businesses with an in-house design team require full product lifecycle management, from design to sample making to technical fittings, to landing the products in their warehouse.  We consult with you on what’s trending in your industry, the “must haves” for your new collection, and provide feedback on design concepts and samples.  We will even accompany you to the factories to see the samples in person.

Product / Business Launch

Together we will map out the process for starting your new product or venture from start to finish and bring the launch to life.  We will be your project managers, ensuring all tasks are outlined with deadlines and milestones, which rolls up into your master Gantt chart, enabling you to immediately see the status of your launch at any given time.  We will play a key role in executing the marketing of your line / shop to the public, ensuring that you have all marketing materials in place to be successful.

Sales & Financial Agility

Promotional & Markdown Merchandise Management

Although we use strong sales data and industry research to make all decisions, there will always inevitably be some “misses” with some products which forces us to promote the items at a lower price or mark them down as clearance.  These misses could be for various reasons – quality issues, trend dying out, item competing against a similar item in your line, etc.  In any promotional merchandise situation, the end goal is to preserve as much margin as possible.  We carefully analyze each slow selling item to understand the cause, and assign a promotional price to the item and evaluating the margin impact.  We then roll up all of the items to understand the total margin impact, and ensure that we do not exceed your margin plan that you set for that time period.

Sales Analysis

Having an in-depth understanding of your sales strategy and sales reporting is critical to ensuring you make purposeful decisions in your business.  You must understand what metrics to look at and when, how to spot a positive or negative trend in your sales and action to it, and how to create new streams of sales revenue.  If you are needing more than what your current sales reports are providing, we will make new reports for you that pull in all data needed to make strategic decisions.

Marketing & Promotions Management

Every season, you have a gut feeling on what your top sellers in your line will be.  Together we will predict which items those will be and create marketing and promotional campaigns around them.  We will also make campaigns around your brand as a whole and strategize innovative ways to reach your target clientele.

General Business Management

We empower you to take control over your business output through creating and streamlining business processes and systems, creating effective client workflows, and creating project plans.  We give you more time to spend on the parts of the business you love, and we take care of the rest.

II. Select Your Monthly Investment

Included In All Plans:

Your Own Dedicated Merchandising Consultant who is now a part of your team

Initial phone or video consultation

Access to your exclusive digital project portal

Ability to reach your Merchandising Strategy Consultant via email and phone

Tasks, deadlines, and milestones will be assigned, and Gantt Chart will be created to track overall progress.

  • Minimal
  • $ 1500


    • Strategic plan focused on one area of expertise per month / at a time
    • Monthly conference call
    • Monthly summary of work performed and project management status
  • Interval
  • $ 3200


    • Strategic plan focused on up to 3 areas of expertise per month / at a time
    • Bi-weekly conference calls
    • Bi-weekly summary of work performed and project management status
    • Strategist can attend one trade show in person with you per year
  • Integral
  • $ 6000


    • Strategic plan focused on unlimited areas of expertise per month / at a time
    • Weekly conference calls
    • Weekly summary of work performed and project management status
    • Ability to reach your strategist via chat
    • Strategist can attend multiple trade shows in person with you per year
    • Exclusive link to schedule calls when you need them
    • Receive 10% off all non-strategy services

Discover Which Monthly Plan Will Work Best For You

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We Offer Monthly Plans versus One Time Fees or Hourly Rates

Here’s Why

We are Committed and Fully Vested in Your Success.

We become a part of your team - literally, and figuratively. We are not here to take whatever money we can get from you and move on. Our vision for this company is Impact Over Income. The long term impact we have on your business results is far more important to us than short term financial gains. We want to deeply get to know you and your brand and build a successful partnership with you. It takes more than a one - hour strategy session to accomplish this.

It Gives You Peace of Mind.

Instead of you watching our hours you can relax and focus on executing our strategic plan. We schedule and organize our tasks to optimize our work hours, and provide clear expectations of project outputs at all times.

DeAnna McIntosh, Chief Global Strategist at Merchandising Company, The Affinity Group International
Founder & Chief Global Strategist

DeAnna McIntosh

Make Decisions Backed By Sales Data and Industry Trends.

Let's Get Real

Everyone and Their Mother Claims to be a Strategist or Coach.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, we’re confident that a big portion of your social news feed is someone trying to sell you on their masterclass, mastermind, online course, webinar, or group strategy session. In the sea of options, who is real? Who actually knows what they’re talking about and has experience versus just selling you the dream? Like grandma says, “You can’t believe everything (or everyone) you see on the internet”.

DeAnna McIntosh, Founder of Merchandising Company, The Affinity Group International

How To Determine Who (We) Will Be The Best Merchandising Strategy Team For You

They Speak Your Brand Language

They ``get you``. They understand your brand vision, and when you're speaking with them, they're able to repeat your vision right back to you, and seamlessly add in where they can visualize your brand growing to with their help!

When You Speak With Them Or Read Their Posts You Get Butterflies

This person has to be as excited about your business as you are. When you speak with them you two have a serious connection, borderline love, and excitement about working together! You must trust your gut. This person will be your accountability partner for your business journey. You have to actually enjoy talking to them and respect that they always have your best interest at heart and end goal in mind!

You Connect With The Way They Run Their Business

How easily could you contact them? How was the communication process since your first correspondence? Do they seem like someone who is consistent and reliable? It's important to pay attention to the signs.

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